MIGHTY MIND PUZZLE CARDS keep kids busy and makes them smarter

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Mighty Mind puzzle cards have been described as an essential toy for every child, because it benefits children every time they play with it.  It brings hours of contagious fun that gives kids the essential  skills they must develop for success and confidence.  Parents love Mighty Mind because they see the benefits it brings and keeps their kids busy for hours. With MighyMind, kids love the challenge of solving puzzles, because the programmed sequence of the picture patterns very gently leads them to success.

Winner of the Parents' Choich Gold Seal Award, it has received 5 stars across the board.  It builds the skills every child needs.  Using a series of specially programmed puzzles, MighyMind develops a child's skills in problem solving, creative thinking, counting, sorting, categorizing, spacial reslationships, matching colors, shapes and sizes.  It also helps improve eye-hand coordination and fine motor coordination. 

Play alone or with friends, this a great game for children that are sick and out of school.  It keeps kids busy and also builds their skills and keeps their minds active.  Play when people come to visit or when alone during the day.  It is also a great tool to advance skills in children that are doing well or those that need a boost. Great for therapists working on fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination.

Kids need time alone.  Mightymind provides hours of fascinating fun by challenging children to think for themselves.  Children need time alone-time for developing independence, self-expression and accomplishing tasks which are rewarding and build self-confidence.  Parents and teachers are amazed when they watch their children become absorbed with this MightyMind activity.  Children succeed without competitive pressures.  Begins easy enough for any child to enjoy.

Contains 30 puzzles. Programmed boards are consecutively numbered to show level of difficulty. Also included are 32 unique design tiles, in 6 basic geometric shapes, 4 colors, in large and small sizes. The tiles are neatly contained in a sturdy storage tray which is also a beginner puzzle. The special tray allows a child to see in one view, all of the pieces needed to build each puzzle. 

2 options: Ages 3-8 (Red Box) or Ages 5-9 (Green Box)