EZY DOSE PACIFIER SYRINGE NURSER for simplifying medication administration with babies

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The Ezy Dose Pacifier Syringe Nurser simplifies medication administration with babies.  Ideal for infants, the Pacifier Syringe Nurser administers liquid medication quickly and easily.  Calibrated in tsp. and ml to provide an accurate dosage every time.  The standard pacifier tip fits comfortably in baby's mouth and allows the medicine to bypass the taste buds.  The medicine is dispensed through specially designed "V" shaped holes at the tip of the pacifier and disperses the medication on both sides of the tongue to avoid choking and gagging.  Compact size makes it easy to carry in diaper bag or purse.  Measures up to 2 teaspoons/10 ml.

Note: This product is not a toy.  Must only be used under adult supervision.  Not for use as a regular pacifier.  Discontinue use if any tears or cracks appear.  Keep out of reach of children.