SPARE-A-SQUARE POTTY PACK for sanitary restroom convenience

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SPARE-A-SQUARE POTTY PACK (for adults and children) for sanitary restroom convenience when traveling is an easy to open and easy to carry personal hygiene packet.

It contains:

  • 8 feet of 2-Ply Tiolet Paper
  • Antibacterial Hand Wipe
  • Personal Hygiene Wipe
  • Toilet Seat Cover

The Spare-A-Square Potty Pack is a durable poly bag that has 3" perforation in the middle of the package. This allows for the package to be broken open along the perforation for easy access to the items inside right when you need them!

Always carry several Spare-A-Square Potty Packs to ensure that you will always have everything you need. This will put your mind at ease regarding the availability and cleanliness of the products you are using when the bathroom you are using is not as clean as you'd like it to be.