DSI DRY SALT INHALER/TRAVEL SALTPIPE INHALER for drug-free travel size salt therapy

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The DSI Dry Salt Inhaler/Travel Salt Pipe Inhaler is a great portable salt therapy device (clinically tested and drug free). It simulates the natural microclimate conditions of an underground salt cave, salt mine or salt chamber with almost the same results. Dry-Salt-Inhaler utilizes the simple curative principles of breathing salty air, but without the inconvenience and expense of trips to a salt therapy center.

The salt antiseptic and detoxifying properties, not only kills germs and bacteria but helps the absorption of oxygen. Users have found a marked improvement in their general state of health simply by breathing through the new inhaler for just 15-20 minutes a day, whenever you need it or wherever you are.

It is light (made from medical grade plastic) and ergonomically shaped and can be comfortably held in one hand. The Salt Air Pipe flushes out impurities that trigger ailments such as asthma and allergies.

Simply insert the pipe into your mouth and inhale through your mouth as deeply as you breathe during normal breathing. Always exhale through the nose as this ensures the complete respiratory tract is thoroughly cleansed. The unique one way safety valve will prevent you from breathing out back into the pipe. This keeps the integrity of the salt and trains the user to breathe properly. It is recommended to use it 15-20 minutes daily - all at once or throughout the day.

Inhaler lasts up to 5 years from first day of use.  It is filled with halite rock salt crystals from the Transylvanian Salt Praid Mine. The Dry Salt Inhaler can be used along with other medications but should not replace them. It can be used during pregnancy and with children that can be taught the breathing technique (usually 3+). The inhaler does not affect blood pressure levels. It may cause coughing which is normal - and shows that the device is working. See results in as little as 7-21 days. Comes with Nasal Adaptor. 1 Year Warranty.

Storage: Always store the Dry Salt Inhaler in a dry place and clean with a lightly dampened cloth. Do not store it in humid places such as a bathroom. Do not expose it to water or other liquids. The salt Pipe is a registered medical device- Class 1 Medical Device, acc to Directive 93/42 CEE Annex VII