PARI BABY MASK for nebulizer treatments with infants and babies 0-3+ Years Old

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PARI BABY masks for nebulizer treatments with infants and children up to three (+) years old are designed to make treatments easier for patients. PARI BABY™ masks are designed specifically for the low inspiratory flow rate and small tidal volumes of babies and young children. Compatible with all PARI reusable nebulizers, the PARI Baby™ mask and rotating elbow offer efficient aerosol delivery in almost any position.

Young children have a hard time breathing through their mouth, and the masks help optimize the treatment into their lungs by offering aerosol to both their mouth and nose. PARI BABY masks are made of soft silicone to conform to the child's face, and come with an adaptor to allow the treatment to be given in any position sitting or standing. In fact, if your young child is hesitant of the treatment, the PARI BABY mask can be used to give them a treatment while they are sleeping.

Size 0-3/Neonatal-3+ Years.