BUBBLES THE FISH NEBUILZER MASK for fun nebulizer treatments

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BUBBLES THE FISH ll pediatric aerosol mask for fun nebulizer treatments with children minimizes splashing of medication in the eyes during aerosol treatments. According to a recent study, the newly re-designed mask optimizes inhalation of respirable particles to the lungs while dramatically reducing medication splashing upon the face and into the eyes.

Developed and tested at one of the world's leading aerosol institutions, this revolutionary mask is made of soft material and with cutouts to minimize medication deposition in the eyes. It is most efficient when use in combination with PARI's "front loaded" nebulizers, but also comes with a plastic elbow piece to permit use with traditional "bottom-loaded" nebulizers.

1 Pari LC Plus with 1 Bubbles the Fish Mask

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1 Pari LC Sprint Nebulizer Set with 1 Bubbles the

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1 Bubbles the Fish Mask, 1 Vios Compressor

1 Bubbles Fish Mask, 1 Vios Compressor, 2 Sprint

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