PARI VORTEX EFFICIENT HOLDING CHAMBER WITH CHILDREN'S MASK (1-2 yrs, or 3+) for maximizing inhalation of aerosol medications

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The Vortex Holding Chamber has a number of unique features. When a patient inhales, the Vortex Holding Chamber directs airflow through a medication holding chamber and into the patient. During exhalation, airflow is directed out of the device while reducing medication loss.

Because it is metal, the Vortex Holding Chamber’s non-electrostatic walls do not attract medication as plastic devices do, thereby reducing medication loss in the holding chamber. The non-electrostatic charge of the PARI Vortex™ ensures that patients receive a more consistent medication dose-treatment after treatment, day after day.

It also features a cyclonic, inspiratory flow pattern that further enhances aerosol delivery. Patients can breathe normally while the Vortex Holding Chamber’s one piece, dual-valve system enhances medication delivery and reduce drug waste.

Child Mask Included (Ages 1-2 yrs/Ladybug or 3+/Frog)