ULTRASONIC SALINIZER for clean and crisp air

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The Ultrasonic Salinizer for clean and crisp can be used with very good results in all chronic respiratory diseases as well as preventive care, in healthy people.

In chronic diseases it helps with inflammation, unclogging blockages, clearing the respiratory system and better breathing. It also helps prevents respiratory diseases, protecting against colds and flu by maintaining a good hygiene over the whole respiratory system.

The Ultrasonic Salinizer is an ultrasonic particles dispenser that makes use of ultrasonic frequency vibration theory to translate the saline solution into 1-5 microns salt particles. These particles are able to penetrate deep into the lungs, up to the alveoli, helping in cleaning, killing bacteria, reducing inflammation and humidifying the whole respiratory tract.

The Salinizer is NOT a humidifier and will not add large amounts of water into the air. It is a very safe therapy for all people and ages, including infants and pregnant women, and doesn’t interact with any salt free diet or medication.

The Ultrasonic Salinizer comes with an electric adaptor, instruction manual, cleaning kit and a free bag of natural salt for the saline solution. For those who like the aroma therapy, it also has an aroma therapy box for the use of essential oils.

The Salinizer is easy to use, add water & natural salt, plug-in and use it throughout the night. Place the device close to your bed and enjoy the wonderful effect of a natural therapy. It is very silent, almost noise free.

** Only Mineral Halite Salt Crystals sold on our website from the manufacturer is recommended for this product and is available for purchase.  Warranty is void if another type of salt is used.